"Discipline is the continual exercise of the will enlightened by the intellect so that it may act easily and habitually according to right order and help the child to attain Self Mastery".

"A Basic Foundation for a virtuous Life"

Hence the school expects every child to contribute to the discipline of the school.

  • Special care must be taken to preserve an atmosphere of silence and serious work during school hours.
  • No collection of any kind will be made in School without the prior permission of the Principal.
  • Any damage done on the School premises must be made good.
  • Service of the School.
  • Students will not be permitted the use of the Office Telephone without the permission of the Principal and this permission will be granted in urge cases only.
  • Books or Periodicals considered objectionable will not be allowed in the School. The Principal reserves the right to confiscate any such literature.
  • Students recovering from infectious diseases or exposed to them, will not be allowed to attend School until they have produced a medical Certificate to State that the period of Quarantine is over.
  • Students may not enter the Staff Rooms unless sent for an express purpose.
  • Students are not permitted to bring Mobile Phones to the College.
  • Students must come to college in proper uniform and they are not permitted to colour their hair, paint their nails.
  • Talking in English is compulsory during School Hours.
  • Parents are advised to keep their ward’s birthday celebration simple.
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