• Prizes will not be awarded to any child who has failed in any subject.
  • No Prizes will be awarded to any child found to be using foul means in an examination.
  • Prize winners who absent themselves on the day fixed for the prize distribution will forfeit their awards.
  • A student's character will be taken into consideration. To be eligible for a prize, a child should maintain a clean character-sheet in her school calendar.


  • The Prize for General Proficiency is reckoned on the aggregate marks obtained in all the Subjects.
  • Merit Cards are awarded for proficiency in individual subjects provided they pass in the other subjects


III – V (95% & above)

VI - VIII (90% & above)

IX - XII (85% & above)

V – VIII (95% & above)


Inter House:

Declamation Contests (English) Middle, School Section.

Dramatic Contest (English and Hindi) for Senior and Middle School Sections & Inter House Debate for Senior section.

General Knowledge Contests: Middle and Junior Section.

Flower and Fruit arrangement Contest: Junior Section.

Inter Class:

Elocution, Singing and Dance Contest (English & Hindi) : Senior Middle and Junior Sections.

Games and Athletics: Best Athlete of the year

Best House in Sports

March Past (Best House)

  • N. L. Varshneya Memorial award Rs. 10,000 Annual Interest will be utilized for the following prize
    1. Award to LC.S.E. student securing highest marks in Science in I.C.S.E. Examination.
    2. Award to I.S.C. student securing highest aggregate marks in I.S.C. examination with Biology.
  • Rashmi Bhatia memorial awards given by the bereaved parent for (a) class VIII Sanskrit and (b) class IX General proficiency (Rs. 7,000 of which the interest will be utilized for the above two prizes).
  • Mr. Rajiv Lochan Tiwari award in memory of Geetika Tiwari's father who died in an accident on 8th of April 1995. (Rs. 5,000) Annual interest will be utilized for the prize to be given to the student securing the highest marks in Science in the I.S.C. Examination.
  • Shakuntala Varshneya Memorial Award Rs. 5,000. Annual interest will be utilized for the prize to be given to a student securing highest aggregate marks in I.S.C. Examination with Mathematics.
  • Highest marks in class X Board Examination.
  • Highest marks in class XII Board Examination.
  • Best All-Round House of the year.
  • Best House in Studies.
  • Best House in Discipline.
  • Best House Display Board.
  • Minni Memorial Scholarship Fund Rs. 10,000 (given by the bereaved parents of Minni Agarwal who died on 4.12.82). Annual interest will be utilized for the Scholarship of 2 deserving students of low income group.
  • Anamika Ruby Smith memorial Scholarship fund Rs.10,000/-, given by the parents of Anamika Ruby Smith who died on 11th August 2003, while she was student of class XII Science of this –institution.
    Annual Interest will be given to the Best All Round student of class XII Sc.
  • Sankalp memorial Scholarship fund Rupees 100,000/-, given by Sankalp Memorial Charitable Trust. The Annual interest will be utilized for the following.
    1. Rupees 3000/- will be utilized to help three lower income group students of the junior section.
    2. To give Scholarship of Rupees 1000/- each to three deserving students of class V.
    3. Prizes of Rupees 500/- each will be given to best four Athletes.
  • Claudine Thevenet Scholarship of Rs. 10,000 given by the L.T.S. and Mrs. Seymour to a deserving Child of a Helper.
  • Dina Belanger Scholarship of Rs. 20,000 is given by Mrs. Udita Agarwal (Ex-student). The annual interest will be utilized for the education of a deserving Catholic student of the senior section of the College.
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