• Students should attend school regularly.
  • Except on certified grounds no extension of Vacations will be allowed.
  • Leave of absence is granted on a previous written application from Parents or guardians, but only for serious reasons.
  • 85% attendance is required to qualify a student to appear for the final Examination or for promotion.
  • As far as possible appointments with the Doctor should not be made during School hours.
  • Applications for Leave must be presented to the Class teacher, through the principal.
  • In the case of prolonged illness a Medical Certificate from a gazetted medical Officer must be produced.
  • Unexplained absence over a period of thirty days renders a student liable to have her name struck off the Rolls. If she is to be re-admitted it will be on payment of Re-Admission Fee. It is essential that all students attend school on the day the new academic session commences and on the last day before and also on the first day after the Summer and Winter Vacations. No exemption will be made unless the prior written permission of the Principal has been obtained. It is also compulsory to attend school when school events such as Sports, Inter House competitions etc. are held.
  • Attendance is compulsory on the following days:
    a. 26th January, Republic Day.
    b. 17th March, St. Patrick's Day.
    c. 15th August, Independence Day.
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