From the Principal's Desk

The year 2017 is a momentous and significant landmark in the journey of St. Patrick’s Junior College, Agra. It is a matter of immense pride and joy that our prestigious institution has completed 175 glorious years in the field of education. In these 175 years, St. Patrick’s Junior College has transformed from being a mere school to an abode of excellence in all domains, be it academic, co-curricular activities, personality development, skill development or sports.

There is another cause for jubilation this year. We are extremely privileged to celebrate the two hundredth anniversary of the Congregation of Jesus and Mary which was founded by our mother foundress St. Claudine Thevenet in France in 1818. In the year 1842, a group of 6 courageous nuns decided to bring the beacon of CJM to India and established St. Patrick’s Junior College, Agra. As the cradle institution of CJM in India, we feel honoured to host the commencement of the bicentenary celebrations in our school which will be held in the month of October this year.

Being the first of the many CJM institutions in India, we have a great responsibility on our shoulders – the responsibility of not only educating young minds but also instilling in them the values of faith and compassion. In this world of technology and competition, there is an acute absence of respect and fear in younger generation. Thus, we have taken it in our stride to instill not just an unstinting faith in God but also a fear of the Almighty. The lack of faith and fear has thrown the young minds of our students into utter confusion. They have become incapable of separating right from wrong and good from bad. For leading a disciplined and peaceful life, children need to respect and fear, both at home and school, as well as the ultimate authority of God. Our pupils need to understand that even when no one around us is watching us, God Almighty is always watching. We need to evolve in His love and trust which will develop in us a strong inner voice with a clear conscience.

St. Patrick’s, being a premier institution for girls, endeavours to mould young girls into responsible and honourable women of the future. Women are the keepers of values. Therefore, it is imperative that we create ethical and God fearing women who will pass on the correct values and principles to the future generation. To further this objective, our pedagogy integrates a value based education system in its curriculum which teaches students that academic proficiency can be achieved only though honesty and hard work. The agenda of learning is to seek, not just information but true knowledge. Through a rigorous value-oriented curriculum, we endeavour to create phenomenal Patricians – women of substance – equipped to face the challenges of the modern world confidently.

In conclusion, along with my staff, I look forward to our parents for their positive feedback and support in taking this institution to the zenith of success.

How Good God Is!

God Bless You!

Sr. Leena Dorothy Matera